PSG deliver a range of supply chain solutions, kitting and assembly services, as well as unique gasket manufacturing, within the Scientific Sector.

Having worked with a range of customers from within the Scientific Sector, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your specific requirements.
We understand the importance of exacting quality control within this sector, which is why our Assembly Service is ideal for just this. As part of this service, we include testing and quality control systems to ensure your products are meeting all the required standards and regulations. We carry this same standard of care throughout all of our supply chain solutions, and our Kitting and Distribution Services, working with you to create a fully optimised supply chain.
We have access to a range of specialist materials as part of our Gasket Manufacturing Service, giving us the capabilities to supply the low volume high cost products that tend to be required in this sector; our design team will then work closely with you to make modifications through the design and acceptance process. This all saves you time and money in the future, due to the deep customisation of our services. 
So, why not browse our services, or contact us today to see how we can help.

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Case Study

Case Study – Outsourced Spares and Logistics

Edwards Vacuum in Clevedon UK manufactures Abatement systems primarily used in the semiconductor market to clean waste gases from large vacuum systems.  The manufacturing facility became constrained as it released its next generation systems to the market.  They were similarly distracted...