The assembly manufacturing process essentially involves the steps taken in constructing a completed product from various components or partially-compiled units. It is typically put in place as another step to ensure consistency across the manufacturing process, contributing to improved supply chain management. It is used across all manner of industries for this reason.


Whatever you may manufacture, an effective assembly is crucial throughout your business operations. This is because having a consistent assembly service across all stages of your manufacturing process allows you to reap the benefits associated with improved efficiency, quality and delivery.



With dedicated Assembly areas across our sites, PSG offer a highly configurable sub-assembly manufacturing service to our customers, consolidating purchased items or free issue parts into simple or complex assemblies. Testing and quality control systems are also included, along with our ability to design packaging to meet your requirements. Our extensive use of standard operating procedures and order replenishment capabilities also ultimately ensure you’re satisfied.



Business continuity: Our dedicated Assembly areas across our sites have similar capabilities and transferrable technology, meaning your business’ continuity is supported.  

Complete turnkey solutions: PSG can tailor our assembly manufacturing services to suit your business’ and sector’s unique needs.

Ability to control and manage: Our serial traceability functions mean you can ensure your products are managed effectively and you are kept up-to-date with your operations.

Case Study

Case Study – Outsourced Spares and Logistics

Edwards Vacuum in Clevedon UK manufactures Abatement systems primarily used in the semiconductor market to clean waste gases from large vacuum systems.  The manufacturing facility became constrained as it released its next generation systems to the market.  They were similarly distracted...

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