Distribution management is a challenging role within supply chain operations. At its core, it involves the monitoring of your goods through the supply chain, all the way from manufacturing to point of sale. This may involve a number of activities, with the management of inventory being particularly important.


The inflow and outflow of your inventory is an ongoing process, so consistently monitoring this is an essential part of ensuring your operations run smoothly. Having thorough knowledge of your inventory operations will prevent issues and ultimately save you money and time down the line. Outsourcing inventory management is a popular choice for many organisations, as it is a demanding process. 



PSG’s extensive global supply chain network and export capabilities means distribution inventory management could not be easier. With logistics agents spread far and wide, we have the capabilities to manage your inventory to exactly where you need it, when you need it, so you can trust us when choosing to outsource your inventory management.



Minimisation of inventory costs: Keeping your inventory controlled is critical for minimising the costs that come with holding stock for extended periods of time. By effectively managing your inventory, you can reduce the time it spends in the warehouse.

Improved productivity: Having detailed knowledge of what inventory is moving quickly, and less so, can help you identify trends. This can lead to more informed purchasing decisions, as well as opportunities for increased business growth.

Business integration: Communication within your business is key to ensuring everyone involved is working towards a common goal. This aims to reduce time wasted when miscommunications occur, and ultimately improve productivity.

Case Study

Case Study – Outsourced Spares and Logistics

Edwards Vacuum in Clevedon UK manufactures Abatement systems primarily used in the semiconductor market to clean waste gases from large vacuum systems.  The manufacturing facility became constrained as it released its next generation systems to the market.  They were similarly distracted...

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