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Gaskets are the ideal solution for filling space between two or more mating surfaces, to avoid leaks, reduce noise, or even act as a support mount. They are often seen as essential within various sectors, whether that be the Industrial, Marine or Precision Engineering, to name a few. As gasket manufacturers, our role is to make this gasket suit whatever the application may be.


Although standard gaskets can be commonly found in the market, custom gaskets can be more useful in certain circumstances; this may be when a particular machine has been designed, or they are needed for a specific business purpose. Whatever the case, having a custom gasket precisely intended for your products is beneficial.



PSG’s flexible facilities allow us to offer a full spectrum of in-house manufactured engineering gaskets and seals to suit all manner of applications. Our operator self-inspection systems, along with our short lead-time capabilities, means you get your gaskets and seals exactly when you need them. Our experienced team have extensive material knowledge, so whatever your sector or needs, we can help.



Built to specification: When gaskets are not made to a specification, this can cause sealing issues such as leaks and safety concerns. Having a bespoke gasket manufactured avoids this.

Saving money: A custom gasket solution is significantly less costly in the long run, as the product has been designed to your specifications. This means adjustments and issues are less likely to occur later on.

Fully scalable supply solution: Once you are happy with the gasket manufactured, we have the capabilities to expand their use within your supply chain operations.

Case Study

Case Study – Outsourced Spares and Logistics

Edwards Vacuum in Clevedon UK manufactures Abatement systems primarily used in the semiconductor market to clean waste gases from large vacuum systems.  The manufacturing facility became constrained as it released its next generation systems to the market.  They were similarly distracted...

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