What is Kitting?

Kitting is a supply chain process which fulfils orders by preassembling individual products into kits that are ready to ship as and when. To be more specific, this involves separate but related items being grouped and supplied as one unit.


Kitting is a great way to ensure more of your products are being put on the market. Instead of selling your items piece by piece, the sets allow you the flexibility to promote your products through appealing deals, sets and cross-sell promotions. Additionally, by combining existing items in your inventory, you are able to extend your inventory without those extra storage costs.



As an extension of our SCM Service, we offer flexible and cost-effective kitting services to support your operations. Whether you’re in need of spares, service items, or production kits, we can get these delivered to your manufacturing line. With the ability to design packaging to meet our customers’ requirements, as well as pressure testing and inspections, PSG is the ideal solution for all your kitting needs.



Complete turnkey solutions: We can tailor our kitting service to the unique requirements of your business and industry.

Ability to control and manage: Using our serial traceability functions, you can ensure your kits are managed effectively and you are kept up-to-date with your operations.

Business continuity: Having a dedicated kitting warehouse area at both of our sites ensures business continuity across all areas, again keeping you up-to-date with all your operations. 

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