Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is a series of operations and processes designed to aid inventory management from suppliers to customers’ facilities in a way that adds value to the supply chain process. Good communication and the execution of procurement, inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution are key, to ensure the product gets to the customer when and where they need it in the required quantity.


SCM has become an essential part of business for both you and your customer. By taking advantage of the benefits of supply chain management, new efficiencies, higher profits, lower costs and increased collaboration can contribute to the success of your business. Customer satisfaction can be met through better demand management, stock control and ability to deal with disruptions, keeping costs to a minimum.



PSG works with you, creating a supply chain strategy by first understanding your consumption needs. From this, we agree on a buffer-stocking policy, delivery batch sizing and plan deliveries from your current supply chain, placing call off or scheduled orders with your suppliers from the buffer-stock held in our facility. Afterwards, continued supply chain consulting is offered through on-stock reporting and raised opportunities.



The benefits of supply chain management include:

Reduced cost effects: SCM can reduce overhead expenses through improved inventory management lowering working capital, increased economies of scale reducing indirect purchasing costs, and fewer travel costs through use of one of our models (Kanban, EFO, DLF).

Improved collaboration: Improved collaboration and consolidation across the supply chain means every individual involved is acutely aware of your business’ position and working towards a common goal.

Reduced time delays: SCM removes some complexity from your business to allow undiluted focus on core activities. Stakeholder relationships can also be improved through an OTD of 99.6% and reduced time spent expediting.

Raised output: Output can be raised in the form of increased shipping to 7 million line items per year, the ability to deliver parts individually, in batches optimised for production, as kits or sub-assemblies, and more.

Case Study

Case Study – Outsourced Spares and Logistics

Edwards Vacuum in Clevedon UK manufactures Abatement systems primarily used in the semiconductor market to clean waste gases from large vacuum systems.  The manufacturing facility became constrained as it released its next generation systems to the market.  They were similarly distracted...

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